Instrumental Analysis Facilities +++日本語版はこちら+++
Mie University

Photograph of instrumental analysis facilities
1577 Kurimamachiya-cho Tsu-shi
514-8507 Japan
TEL 059-232-1211
FAX 059-231-9680

=== History ===

Apr.10, 1992 Instrumental analysis center established
Jan. 26, 1995 Instrumental analysis center completed

=== Staffs ===

Director Prof. Takahito Itoh
Associate Prof. Katsuyuki Hirai
Technical Off. Yasuhiko Nishimura

=== Process to use this center ===

Registration of User Everyone who schedule to use instruments has to be registered in principle at the beginning of the year.

Application User submits an application form to the center office.

Use of Instrument User operates the instrument by himself.

Account Book User writes down operating conditions in this book. Contact the center staff member at once, when user found trouble in the instrument.

When a research
result is published
Specify the use of this center, and submit a copy of the paper to the center office.

There is an application form in the center office.

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